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Colombian World
by Tam

In fact, there are over three hundred artists lyrics, novelists, poets and stories seedeaters that does not print or a single letter, they belong to the land of forgetfulness of Carlos Vives. However, need a guerrilla to break their ranks to become the ideal to Best candidate seller while Colombian writers remain helpless before this industry Elite. This elite poisons with excessive promoting the collective imaginary poor turning disaster into art, hungry for sales and rating assumed an expiatory position that beatified evil, becoming writers and guerrillas to drug traffickers in novel writers. However, our history reads a chapter very different. Gabriel Garcia Marquez became a writer not sell powders, Silvia Tcherassi became a designer with a sewing, not with a paramilitary barracks workshop, shakira sang and was not properly betray bonnets, Fernando Botero captivated the world with his work and walked not keeping captive innocent, Juanes vibrate with their music not with mine.

Art and the disaster have no part, their relationship is a publicity stunt of publishers and programmers. Colombia has a positive world of art and culture act as electricians of literature those that fight with the darkness of the genre novel. Hector Abad Faciolince, Angela Vergara, Santiago Gamboa and Efrain Medina everyone away from the magical realism. Jorge Franco and Mario tragic urban Mendoza and a generation of writers under the age of thirty-nine are ambassadors of the contemporary narrative. Paraded these new writers that allies overlook that the anonymous, internet friend. With Carlos Pole to the flag are born more and more stories for a market neolector. Luis Felipe Vasquez Aldana writer – publicist marketer specialist in social marketing. original author and source of the article


May 1st


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