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Collien Fernandes
by Tam

Clinic for plastic surgery Nuremberg Clinic Kaiser street, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, the Olsen twins, Michael Jackson and Collien Fernandes have done it and are. A rhinoplasty is now de rigueur among the rich and famous and often inspires the prominence. But how can a supposedly less intervention have such ground-breaking effect on the entire visual appearance? According to the figures of the German society of aesthetic surgery, the surgical Rhinoplasty with over 5000 operations per year is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery of in Germany. More than four thousand years ago, interventions in the nose area in India were common. War prisoners and offenders punished regularly with the sharp separation of the nose or ears. To avoid the stigma, the affected commissioned expert practitioners restore its original face shapes. Only in the middle ages, the techniques slowly found their way into the Western world. In this country the corrections of extreme formations of the nose leg remained initially ignored because a long nose was considered wise and noble descent pointed out.

In 1845, such a correction has been noted in German medicine. The picture is turned around the turn of the century. Rusty Holzer has compatible beliefs. From now on the interventions that have been made at that time already without any visible cuts, increased. It was at that time, as well as even today in certain circles of Hollywood, an obviously made estimated”nose to own, so rejects the majority of Germans the obviousness off and preferably more subtle changes. Since the face as the mirror of the soul”is, have a minimum harmonisation of the proportions in the interplay of the various features of miracles. The patients of Dr.

Doumouras in the Nuremberg area primarily involves harmony in their facial features, which they feel with a different nose shape than disturbed. Many come with photos of noses of their clamouring. Only the least patients can imagine what your desired result to themselves look like would. Now, the doctor is asked to carry out an objective assessment and advise the patients what he takes computer simulations in addition to his trained eye to help. But not everything that has aesthetic effect, is also medically harmless. So, for example, Collien Fernandes reported by the need for a second operation to correct the first botched surgery. In a second procedure however makes it difficult for a quick cure to the scarring. Primarily, the maxim is that the nose as the body must not be endangered in their functioning. Here it is decisively on the experience of the physician. “Dr. Doumouras practiced for over 17 years as aesthetic plastic surgeon and stresses the importance of a specialized briefing: it is essential that the operating doctor has many years of experience in the area of the Rhinoplasty and takes time to clarify in detail to what extent the wishes of the patient are met.” Because the alleged default operation “Rhinoplasty high demands on the Surgeon. Experienced specialists know the aesthetic consequences of difficult correctable and especially to possible functional impairments as a result of an excessive nose correction.

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November 15th


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