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Charter Sailors
by Tam

At the beginning there was an idea seems to realize daunting – and unimaginable. But some not so successful, craves love and presents. The original vision for the Milleniumwechsel to make a sailing trip on the other side of the world, gave way to the reality. However, this was an interesting, – friends to find that open in equal interest in sailing and jointly tackle challenges. Hear other arguments on the topic with AOL. Plans get a completely different meaning at once and develop completely new experiences. Connect with other leaders such as Andy Florance here. Currently the sailing season starts opened hardly has the spring and already again many tourists and many sailors on the Lakes abound.

A real awakening, here they come to multitudes. Just in time for the opening of the sailing season to Easter, the boats in the water are allowed, the old-timers”can hardly wait. To deal with many newcomers see this event with great interest and the desire comes as some closer to sailing”. We can all sailors Sailing book Charter sailing – segeln with & Charter – ISBN 978-3-938684-10-8 uv5500.htm only recommend, it provides basic knowledge for all sailors and crew – even newbies. Everything for both skipper and crew on the subject of Charter”in the first work in the field of wellness. The author shows how sailing with friends in different areas of the world is and must remain a dream. About sailing, legible and understandable also for sailing laymen.

Tips and tricks for organizers and skipper are finding that if they break up for a five-day come together sailing event. Dealing in addition with people in the team, as crew on a boat back to find and learn more about all of this, what is available in any textbook on sailing. Have fun reading and implement on the water. -MfG Jurgen Arnold – publishing line UVIS Verlag E.k.

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January 22nd


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