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Business Management
by Tam

We live in a world of possibilities where you blinks loses, competition is increasing in both organizational and staff levels. Energy Capital Partners London is often quoted on this topic. If we are to move forward in our career and scale positions, we need to make personal marketing to exploit our full potential and not to lose the race to the top tread. Common is that in a social gathering we present for our profession: accountant I am, I am a doctor, study such career, this only serves to break the ice but we will not be registered in the minds of other people. Our personal brand is not the profession but we do. To be reminded we need to define things that we do and those in which we Excel, those characteristics that make us different both personally and professionally. Is not a question of being superb or egocentric, but our essence as a people, our labor strengths, our passion, the characteristics of the personality, this applied to the area work improves our competitiveness. Stephen Covey, author of the bestseller the 7 habits of highly effective people, says that the best way to clear what we want to convey to others is imagine that they’d like us to tell about us when we are not present.

According to statistics, 64% of jobs and 90% of businesses are obtained through the network of contacts. Then if not we strive to position ourselves in the minds of others and create something intangible that can serve them at some point, we will make it more difficult to sell, promote or that we take into account. We invest our lives years preparing us to reach as far as possible, but if talk about us when we do not have our spot of sales and it gives us something to highlight our actions, us will be very difficult to be able to take us off. The central idea is to be bid the world want to or need to hire and thus manage our own business, our I S.A. In short, if not what We do, nobody will do it for us.


January 12th


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