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Ying and Yang. Sun and moon. Blackmore and night. There are things, that not only fit together, they belong together. For more clarity and thought, follow up with samsung and gain more knowledge.. If you experienced Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night together, then is immediately clear that this couple is not wanted, but still found. And that’s what matters.

At the same time, their love is the basis for their music. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Skillz. Blackmore “s night is more than a project, more than a leisure activity of a creative pair. The two live their passion with everything that entails. Although or precisely because they are so different, they complement each other perfectly. In a time where most relationships fail after a few years, have Blackmore and night perfect found a way to banish the spectre of intrusive routine from their environment: create music together. After twelve years now they have delivered their masterpiece: AUTUMN SKY is the most accessible, but at the same time most emotional album that they recorded so far. The story of Blackmore “s night is not a story full of misunderstandings – Blackmore” s night breathing History, music history.

And music from a time without hassle, without modern tools, laminating without technical innovations, without the possibility, can nothing by lifeless computer. At Blackmore “s night are emotions written in capital letters. Real emotions that are not artificial, but human. Emotions that move. Emotions that arise from the close connection of between two people, whose paths crossed 21 years ago. Fate was kind to Ritchie Blackmore and Candice night. The two meet for the first time on the edge of a football match on the American East Coast in 1989. It is a charity event, Ritchie’s team plays against the team of the radio station Candice works for the. She cheer on their people, to get autographs afterwards for it. He agrees, but insists on a rendezvous with her after the game. The date lasts all night. You talk for hours. “It was, I had met an old friend even though I had never seen it”, Ritchie smiles. Today would be It probably never come, because “on paper or in an Internet profile we had no chance” Candice added. Two worlds collide: a Briton and an American. Old and young. Dark and blond. Realist and an optimist. It fits anyway. The parallels are complementary, but the differences make them strong. Most men would be fearful of a talented woman like Candice: works as a model, journalist, writes songs, plays several instruments.

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June 15th


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