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Away From The Big Publishers
by Tam

The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger shows, showed goes and publishes her first novel trivia in the Shaker media publishing house. The stories of Jasmin Bolger have something in common: they revolve around the major theme of love. Who here thinks of a romance, mistaken. Jasmin Bolger presents love in all its facets is it raped wife in her debut trivia, which discovered the affection to her brother-in-law after years of marital frustration or \”have in common the selbstmordgefahrdete Maja, who is in love with a mentally handicapped man or the Hitchhiker Lilith, which messed up swirls the feelings of their fellow passengers my stories\” author says the Dusseldorf, \”that my protagonists and their souls in jeopardy are.\” Risk due to loneliness, isolation, physical and psychological violence. Danger, as we know them all and how she met each of us every day in everyday life. The relationship or the interplay between the sexes and the resulting conflicts are always core of the stories of the Dusseldorf Author. Too complicated, not suitable for mass production, not modern enough? \”Oh, you know, I was sorry to rewrite my manuscript again and again at some point.

\”Not that I was not able to learn\”, says the author with a twinkle in his eye, \”but eventually reach the point where one wonders: that’s still my story – or my literary agents?\” A literary agent, Jasmin Bolger has had also the, \”but I quit the after one year. Some have said I was crazy, where everyone knew how hard it was at the present time to find an agent that is warmed up for your work, but I do not regret the step. On the contrary, without agents I work as a writer much more free.\” What does not mean that Jasmin Bolger published about what she writes. \”For God’s sake!\” laughs the author. \”Of course you need a certain sense of proportion and distance to the own work, to decide what is good and what is better in the drawer, but trivia is now my fourth completed novel, and I know where I stand.

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May 14th


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