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Association Chains Search
by Tam

Of course the side effect with it brings, it often not-so-great feel, if we come up with the reality in touch, that we feel separated us yet at the moment of the Stilling of the longed-for at least through our perception. This reduces the preciousness of the forces, which in the tendon offenbaren us and available to us through the contact with reality to services but not in the slightest. The achieved essence of longing will thus remain unaffected or even change. I will admit it so that I verschmelze with the sweet call of the longing in me or that I identify with my real need without Vorbehalt, the bitter beigeschmack dissolves even after, which has its origin in our unwillingness to accept the Realitat. “I’m watching now the last part of the word bolt-on, has the word search”, so I find this very interesting Association Chains.

“” I refer I’m looking in this case only the positive aspect, i.e. the lowercase verb “and not to the noun addiction”, which in us not rarely a endless loop fear occupied images evokes. “” I therefore dissociate myself from the noun addiction, more are looking for me the verb”, and I can also easily, to open me the positive inner message of the word. I then get a direct Erahnung of the bindeglied, which provides both terms for me in a meaningful context. I touch here because all the search, research, the Erkunden, the pursuit and wool, which is my ambitions to awareness, and meet the ultimate drive, which is the expression of all of my search in variable form for Stilling my needs and my desires. The requests for the Stilling of my longing just. Longing is here, I confess myself to my search, I accept that I am on the way of the search. And also at the same time, that I me My tendons admit after my goal, which assume need which is me well aware on this level. Also when I say on other levels of consciousness, I don’t know, what I really want.



November 4th


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