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Argan Oil
by Tam

What benefits are obtained using edible argan oil and argan cosmetic oil?, to answer this question I will mention the properties of each of them, their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the preparation of each principle, culinary use argan oil has a characteristic flavor that in many occasions people defined as a or walnuts or almonds, this flavor is given to toast the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree before leaving the seeds to remove the seeds from which oil is extractedThis way the oil obtained a darker Golden tone and a pleasant taste, the disadvantage of this principle is that some properties of argan oil are removed, however to ingest the oil it still contains the gamma-tocoferoles, sterols, lupeoles and other nutrients sufficient to give us a myriad of benefits. When the oil is ingested prey sterols that reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, prevent cancer by avoiding the proliferation of cancer cells without damaging healthy cells, have anti inflammatory action, as well as polyphenols that prevent aging, the carotenoids that protect from Ultra violet rays, fatty acids rich in gamma-tocoferoles which have an antioxidant power only, as well as sterols that also prevent cancer, prevent cellular dehydration, you help control gastritis to repair tissues thanks to its healing and regenerative action, among many others. Cosmetic argan oil is extracted in the cold so that it retains its properties intact, because unlike the edible that nutrients are absorbed by the intestine, argan cosmetic oil is absorbed by the cells of the skin, it was found that the membrane lypidic of cells which take the necessary nutrients that are in the oil as the gamma-tocoferolesthe lupeol, vitamin A and other nutrients to strengthen your system, nourish and reproduce more quickly, providing elasticity, moisturization, softness and smoothness to the skin. This method makes that unlike the edible oil this oil does not have a pleasant taste and a pale or dark golden color. The advantage of this oil is that you take advantage of their properties and do not need to heat it to use it. The only disadvantage of the culinary oil is that if you want to give the food a flavor as the Moroccan food you’ll use even for frying, and heat the oil this will lose their properties and your profits, but you can use this oil to garnish your salad or other food in this way consume it at room temperature and in a natural way to make the most of. Various studies have shown that two teaspoons per day per person are more than enough to benefit from the properties of argan oil.

So no matter if you use one or two options always will have benefits with argan oil. In addition to using argan cosmetic oil, this wonderful product has other uses. Are you interested in knowing more properties of argan oil? Continuous reading my articles on this wonderful product.


March 13th


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