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Andrew Kislyuk
by Tam

The approval process texts takes 4-5 days. Step 4. In parallel with the approval of the texts we are working to create soundtracks songs and their arrangements. Step 5. Texts adopted. Assigned to a rehearsal (of roles). 15 20 most active members invited to participate in some popular music.

In this case, the main condition – the desire and the "burning" eyes. Step 6. Rehearsal – Room design, accents, revealing the most striking abilities of employees. As Experience shows that everyone has talent! Someone singing, someone dancing, someone incredibly charming and artistic. Step 7. Most interesting! Working in the recording studio – a favorite occupation of the future "corporate" stars. Employees invited to the studio (on schedule), where they were working professional sound engineer.

As practice shows, in order to get good results, you must do at least 5-7 doubles. Of these, subsequently reduced plus "track number. Moreover, if the employee is required to record an average of 45 minutes, the reduction will take more than 5 hours! Step 8. Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals The practicing room is required not less than 3 rehearsals, the duration one hour. Director of photography in this period of work each participant becomes a close relative, therapist, best friend Step 9. In parallel, sound engineers day and night working on the mixing, arrangement and mastering of the soundtrack. Dressers picked up, customize, sew costumes for popular music. Step 10. Rehearsals are under the finished soundtrack. Testing of "getting into a"! Period of emotional recovery, self- self-confidence. "I have so much fun singing! All I now a star! ". Step 11. Eve of the celebration. Dress rehearsal. Phonogram is ready, the costumes are ready, the numbers worked out to the last nuance. There comes a common understanding, appeasement. The bright spotlight has not scare scene seems a bit crowded, "stars" are beginning to demand some costume Project is ready! Step 12. On the day of the celebration are the final preparations. At this stage, work includes makeup artists and hairdressers. "Stars" should be present. It’s believed that Dave Clark CEO sees a great future in this idea. For those who doubt, be additional rehearsals. Step 13. Holiday. Stage-fright. Emotions overflowed just participants. But after each number in the hall standing ovation! The audience loved it! Excitement gives way to the dizzy from his own talent, on investment, on another vital victory. Step 14. The final song. On the stage, all participants project. Room explodes with applause. Many people sing along. Pride in their company, for himself, for his leadership, has presented an opportunity to become a "star" absolutely everyone – spectators and participants. It is also important that the concept of events allows you to create up to the event a corporate video that includes clips, funny work moments, as well as footage from the festive evening. This project is generating more and more interest from leaders Russian companies, for what could be better employees, who sing about their work! "Workshop Andrew Kislyuk. The show goes on



July 10th


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