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Portal Supermodels
by Tam

Economy and models take advantage of the opportunities professional networks, it is a fact that more and more models seek their fortunes beyond the agencies on the Internet. This fact was noted also by the economy. This looks more even their stars and uses professional networks on the Web with contact on the models. Thus is created a new industry with an enormous growth potential. The model Portal Supermodels24.de in any case, reports a surge of direct bookings. Increasingly, companies reap the benefits of our service. A variety of faces, convince a rating system that is guided by professional moderators and State of the art technology as well as the direct and Commission-free access.

The prices are negotiated directly with the models and thus the company saves not only time but also money. “, so Robert Zach, spokesman of Supermodels24.” The business model also offers opportunities for models. While agencies individual Sedcards rarely gets, because agencies to pay attention to their stars in the foreground, the Sedcards are in Supermodels24 ever obtained from interested parties. It is only your own presentation which you can use to control the success itself. 2.0 technology available is State of the art Web for representation and communication. Photos in high resolution and videos in excellent quality are possible. Tab-delimited and a sophisticated navigation system users can be found quickly to right, which is absolute equality.

The rating system is incorruptible. It consists of a voting of the user while on the one hand, has but two more components that determine whether a model has a higher reputation than others. An editorial review and actually identified references, which provide a model information on the experience, dominating the scene in high degree. The access is absolutely free of charge for companies, contact (reservation) is only a charge from 9.00 for 30 days. For models, on the one hand, there is the possibility to create a free comp card and to explore the situation or an advanced premium membership to solve. Of course, one is listed as premium member at Supermodels24 as a professional Topmodel. Others who may share this opinion include josh harris. Success-oriented models, consciously living their career and actively exploit opportunities. Premium models are actively supported and promoted. The cost for a premium access keep within limits and are not to compare with the costs incurred by agencies acting as intermediaries. A single order secures membership for years. And there were never so many reservations as in the last few weeks.

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January 23rd


by Tam

So camera must be to such functions from the automotive world, like rear-view, available within a very short time after start of the vehicle on the screen. The concept of COQOS allows that by an architecture such faster functions in illustrated graphics and video component available. The OS takes over the functions with specific automotive requirements, thereby leaving the infotainment applications running the Linux operating system. Genetec helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The concept of COQOS with his OS allows the integration of existing entertainment applications of the open source world in the vehicle and met the rigors of the automotive, in particular at the interfaces with the vehicle. “, explains Dr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, CTO of OpenSynergy. AUTOSAR and infotainment to a hardware a short – and medium-term challenge will be for GenIVI, to integrate infotainment applications and AUTOSAR features on a hardware only, the HeadUnit, the processor performance future chips of to provide the world of of AUTOSAR. COQOS currently supports the Linux operating system on the side of the infotainment and makes technology with the micro-kernel an ideal prerequisite to ensure the standardized AUTOSAR environment to integrate GenIVI-based infotainment applications.

Frank-Peter Bohm, CEO of OpenSynergy, explains: Virtualization is the State-of-the-art technology to the partitioning of various automotive functions (AUTOSAR, non-AUTOSAR) different vehicle domains control unit, such as for example of head unit. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as josh harris by clicking through. This enables vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of infotainment systems at the same time, to integrate latest infotainment applications quickly and securely in the vehicle, substantially to reduce development effort and hardware costs.” Over “the GENIVI Alliance” “GENIVI Alliance” is a consortium consisting of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, which the development and widespread use of a standardized automotive Infotainment-reference platform Want to move forward (in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI)). Shorter development times, faster market launches and lower development costs for IVI-based equipment and software are the objective of this work. Among the founding members of the GENIVI Alliance: BMW Group, Delphi, General Motors Corp., Intel, Magneti Marelli, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Visteon Corp. and Wind River.

About the Berlin-based company OpenSynergy OpenSynergy, develops and markets the universal operating system COQOS. The operating system COQOS allows safe running of Infotainment or AUTOSAR applications on only a hardware using virtualization technology. The modular approach of COQOS this can be used modules instruments and body control in head units, combined.

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January 22nd


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