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Yellow Pages
by Tam

NXEL GROVE Bill Owens, retratista of current people, exposes ' Ordinary Folks' (' Types normales'). For five decades it documents the reality of the suburbs of the USA. It finds to his models consulting the yellow pages by professions. Pete Cashmore has much experience in this field. " Normal people making things normales". Bill Owens (1938) takes the photography with documentary spirit and without no artistic or aesthetic pretension. His it is to portray to the American middle-class as it is. Owens, that sets out its series Ordinary Folks (normal Types) in the Museum of Art of San jOse (Californian, the USA), is one of the photographers of the called movement New Topographics (New Topography), photo journalists that from the Seventies of century XX decided to show with realism the form of life of the middle-class in the great constructed suburbiales urbanizations outside the cities, in the real estate boom subsequent to II the World war.

Genuine Caiforniano (been born in San jOse and servant in Sacrament), Owens went for mechanic, but it began almost without wanting to make photos like freelance for some daily on the form of life of he himself and its friendly. Soon it reached recognition and it published three books, Suburbia (1972), Our Kind of People and Working: I Do It For The Money (1976). For the last one, dedicated to pictures, without almost always frontal artifices and, of workers of all the offices, it was inspired and it looked for models through the classified announcements of the yellow pages of the telephone directories. Owens is a visual anthropologist the organizers of the exhibition Ordinary Folks, that reunites half hundred of works of all the times of Owens, emphasize its photographic behavior they emparentan and it to " anthropologist visual" . Source of the news: Looking for models in the yellow pages of the guide



May 26th


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