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Work Life
by Tam

In the occasion, the interviewed one was in the time to take care of aotelefone and after to receive the call came back to cochilar per five minutes. Assimque the telephone touched again, the nurse woke up scared and called integrant aosdemais the team, that also were resting, to be dislocated, initiating the transmission of the data of the call. When arriving at the solicitant place, they had come across with one casode complication of an infectious picture. To be taken care of person, one demeia lady age, was with a breaking in the leg that already was wounded and agravouprovocando an embolism and later, caused a paradacardiorrespiratria (PCR). Learn more at: Dell. When the socorristas had arrived, the patient estava' ' in parada' ' same after the application of the ressuscitao technique (desfribilao), the way of the hospital, the picture evolved the death. A strong feeling of guilt appeared in the life of entrevistadae arrebatou it to it interior peace. In accordance with it, the young son of pacientepresenciou the attendance all and this unchained it such guilt, therefore sequestionara: ' ' it needed to see everything this? The mother to die the dohospital way, after the delay of the socorristas, although some procedures to paratentar safe it, exactly being the cause of the visible death for who asocorria? ' ' In accordance with Gurin (2001), this form of work sobfortes time constaints and needing a great impemdurante attention its accomplishment an modification of the normal psychic functioning queinstiga the worker to act in compliance with its moral values and noseguindo the prescribed rules. The activity of work, the work codes, that is, alinguagem used in these situations appears in the life is of the work. Gurinexplicita that these signals can disappear habitually when not if is maissubmetido to the work situation produced that them, however, is extremamentepenosos generating much guilt beyond being able to have consequences in the convivncia comos others e, mainly the family.



October 30th


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