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Why Microsoft
by Tam

Figure 3. The number of automated tests conducted on Throughout the time of the project Why Microsoft has paid so little attention to this kind of testing? Well, one can only guess. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is difficult to write a function for new OS system, because testing system is not yet able to work under its control. Recently, as more attention is paid to the beta-testing by users of the software. This is understandable, because There is no better tester than a normal user, and especially when there are more than a thousand. But, unfortunately, not many companies can afford contain a large number of testers, but if the company has less than ten testers, they are not likely to will provide quality check of the designed application. What to say nothing of specialized software in the banking, industrial, research and other sectors? But there is another kind of tests that can be used to test the windows-applications – these are external tests.

External tests allow for running any application that supports command line. Ie using external tests, you can organize the implementation of third-party test systems or any of its testing applications. External test in Microsoft Visual Studio are simply just need to create a new external test in the test project and specify an executable file that will run the application as tested (see Figure 4). Figure 4. Skin test in Microsoft Visual Studio using this method, you can connect any test systems, both commercial and free. See more detailed opinions by reading what Geoff Richcards offers on the topic..

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May 23rd


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