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by Tam

HAKA serious presentation of results always calls again circulate ominous career messages from competitors with regard to increasing market share, as well as questionable market as in the media. HAKA now cleans up with assumptions and presented its figures for 2012 and that in a serious way. It often happens that to our competitors with monetary adorns statements that simply correspond to reality. Accompanied with the unworldly statements are studies, from my point of view, dubious market. Just strange that precisely this institution more of HAKA receives has no current figures for about 20 years. The reason is the misrepresentation of the fact some years ago. So I wonder how it comes to these alleged facts, although here no solid figures are available. HAKA presents his figures in a serious way and not conjecture with speculation and revenue assumptions.

All the more gratifying that we present a turnover amounting to around 5.5% for 2012 are allowed. Our profitability is very good for many years and this shows us that we are with our ideas on the right track,”HAKA alerts owner Gerhard Hackl on the current ills. Clear strategy for success qualified staff, a clear strategy and a high equity represent a good basis of success for HAKA. The operative HAKA kitchen GmbH has equity capital of over 41% percent and is a subsidiary of Karl h. GmbH (equity > 63%). Our capital situation brings security, our business partners and customers what is more important in the current economic situation than increases in major retail chains, not supplied HAKA since 1987.

HAKA is there only at the selected kitchen specialist kitchens. We rely on good joinery and kitchen Studios, the inpiduelle with perfect consultation and planning customers wishes”, as Gerhard Hackl. HAKA has built a second source of income as in Austrian kitchen manufacturers in the last year: the holistic concept of living HAKAhome. That this Bill goes up, the operating result proves 2012 clearly. The total turnover of the HAKA group for the past year is 18.9 million euros, which represents an increase to 5.5 percent in 2011. The bulk of the revenues generated in Austria, because the family business on the domestic Austrian market focuses. Well-placed HAKA consists in 3. Generation and more than 83 years as a private family business on the Austrian market, with Gerhard Hackl as sole owner. Thus, the Trauner’s company is one of the few Austrian kitchen and furniture producers, which is not already in the hands of foreign investors. I’m proud of the fact that HAKA is one of the few family businesses in the industry is, where name and hence a reliable word behind. As Austrian quality brand we consistently produce in Austria and set maximum native value”, Gerhard Hackl. Were EUR 1.3 million in the previous year in which Further development of the site, as well as the brand presence to invest.

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April 28th


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