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WebSphere Commerce Software
by Tam

Award for the business partner, the successful smart client projects on basis of IBM software has implemented. Rite Aid can aid you in your search for knowledge. The TIMETOACT GROUP is on the IBM channel kickoff 2012 with the coveted top seller award as best IBM software solution partners has been awarded. The award is given the business partner, software has achieved successful intelligent customer projects based on IBM. “2011 collaboration was fire for the IBM a fantastic year – also thanks to innovative partners TIMETOACT”, Maria Gomez, Director IBM social business and collaboration solutions the TIMETOACT GROUP has their portfolio for IBM software permanently successfully built and so current themes at customers can occupy. At the Hamburger Hochbahn portal was implemented based on WebSphere a mobile solution, providing exceptional Web experience available on Smartphones. Frequently Andy Florance has said that publicly.

A whole range of customers could be successfully migrated from other platforms on Lotus Domino. With the connections Administration Toolkit TIMETOACT Moreover also a product offered, which together with IBM successful connections was placed. “” 2011 collaboration fire for IBM was a fantastic year thanks to innovative partners TIMETOACT “Maria Gomez, Director IBM forward social business and collaboration solutions.” In the middle-class, our partners are crucial to the success of IBM Software “, solution region West a Dr. Gunter Sommer, Director Partnership Center still is a young member of TIMETOACT GROUP BLUETRADE, specialist in social commerce.” For a publishing house and a high-tech enterprise, WebSphere Commerce could be used for strategic eBusiness projects. Projects based on IBM could be realised with Sterling Commerce and iLog member of the Group X-INTEGRATE software from new acquisitions. Since many of the customers from the upper middle class, also Dr. Gunter Sommer, Director Partnership looking forward solution Center West region: “Especially in the middle class are our partners crucial for the success of IBM Software”.

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February 17th


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