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Web Surveillance
by Tam

If the camera has to be additional protection against possible assault, choose dome cameras, because it protective housing. In such a chamber is a great review and implemented a progressive compression of video. For remote monitoring via the Internet fits IP-camera transmitting the image through the built-in server on your computer. This provides an opportunity for remote monitoring of the protected object. IP-cameras have been recognized and spread very quickly in the market system cctv. IP-CCTV system is effective, not costly, and simply plugs can be easily mounted in a house, apartment, office, at the door of the building, in hallways, offices. IP-camera increases productivity and responsible office workers, production and protection, will reduce the possibility of crime in the workplace. Home is convenient to use IP-camera, because it does not restrict the distance from the object observation to the observer, see the reference object can be anywhere where there is Internet. In supermarkets, IP-camera warns of committing theft of an unscrupulous buyer or employees of the store.

Observation of objects over an IP-camera became popular and gained the status of entertainment to attract an increasing number of visitors to the author web-sites. As mentioned above, the installation of IP-camera does not require installation wiring, placement Monitor surveillance and control systems, because it built the network card, SMTP-server and Web-server. This camera can operate autonomously, without need to connect to a computer, installing and configuring special programs. All that is needed for IP-CCTV, an IP-camera, and wired or wireless network connection. Given all this, we conclude – IP-camera with a relatively low cost, easy to use and configure, does not require complex assembly of the installation and laying of cables, allows for the easiest access to the video from any pc with a network connection. Price surveillance system consists of several components. This equipment and transmission system images, and software. Common surveillance system can monitor the object from a distance, making the record as all that is happening in the lens installed surveillance cameras, and the moments in which there is any change in the scene (thanks to Motion).

If you want to install a network camera wirelessly, the cost of such a system observations will be higher. The popularity of video surveillance systems is growing worldwide, as the modern society faced a serious security problem. This is reflected in the prices surveillance. Technology developed in downward price with improved video. Occurs cheapening the main part of a surveillance camera. The market surveillance systems beyond many countries with low labor costs, which also affects the prices fall equipment for video surveillance. Surveillance system with wired and wireless IP-based cameras, need to be connected to the Internet via a modem. Still need special software for network cameras, it is ever present in any IP-camera, but can not provide all the methods of processing video sequences, such as recording and subsequent storage, simultaneous viewing of two or more sources.



July 26th


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