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Web Promotion By Entry In Web Directories
by Tam

Right now you can see them at every turn sprout from the ground: web directories. Does it really his home page in this catalog to be registered? I can say from personal experience: Yes! However, one should separate the chaff from the wheat, as many catalogs are just lists of links, with a lot of spam, and they bring little link popularity. A good Web catalog checks and manages its records by hand and turns especially not all junk, or the thousandth affiliate link free. Furthermore, the categories should be well structured so that the user can start a bit with the web catalog. With the larger engines (meisst from PR 5), one can expect even direct clicks on its registered link, as these catalogs can often already reported a good flow of visitors.

Very good is also a Web catalog that creates a link to each their own, optimized details page, as these details can be found in the search results pages too often before the registered link, which still brings a plus in promotion.

One should however not only Web Directories judged by the PageRank, because the next PR update is determined, then it may already be very different. I also have catalogs with high PR seen, However, at a total bad links to redirect URLs, for both the categories, and for the registered links. From these catalogs is advised against because they bring nothing to the list. Well, it’s always when the category pages are linked normally and static, so that search engines can spider and index well. It certainly makes some work to sign, but with consistent registration work can be achieved with good engines ever had a PR 4 for the separate page, which can then build on it further example with link exchange.


March 9th


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