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Vargas Development
by Tam

Yes, because history is not made of brusque ruptures, but of continuities and interruptions, where the past can reappear brought up to date under a new roupagem. Under the command of Getlio Vargas, period 1930-45 represents modification structural economic politician in the organizacional standard of sociability, transiting of the field as central scope, for the capital goods industry which will go to endorse the national development. With the process of industrialization and Brazilian urbanization, another social classroom is also born, that to the few goes taking ratio each time bigger the proletariat which starts to be white of the populist politics of the government Vargas. 2.Planejamento, State and development For ends mere didactic these three concepts here are displayed separately, however as already it was said previously the same ones meet objective correlated. 2.1. Planning the state planning appears at this time as an important strategy to optimize the governmental actions, in the direction to foment the development which is … Conceived as a process, while the planning is considered as an instrument of this process and part of the conception of that it can have a deliberation in the actions for the development, or that this can occur of another form that not spontaneous it.

(SPOSATTI: 1980). The action to plan inside starts to be each more recurrent time of the state device and the private companies, being thus a way to protect continuity between intention and execution, in accordance with the philosophical, economic estimated ones, social politicians and infused in all and any activity previously reflected. In this period, planning was considered important and innovative entratgia of desenvolvemento, what it would increase the trustworthiness degree, diminishing the risks of perhaps. 2,2 Been the State of the time he was highly interventionist, establishing regulation of the economic transactions, organization of the markets and relations of work. In intention to fortify the national economy, Vargas tried to place the country the safe one of foreign interests, fomenting the sovereign nationalistic iderio of defense of the patrimony and the national interests.



October 19th


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