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From the telephone system to the communication centre of tomorrow is the PBX today only a small step, is the communication centre of tomorrow. When spoken in a telephone communication system, one must assume that the acquisition of such a phone system, careful thought and well planned. Since issues such as future expansion opportunities are only a part of any consideration when purchasing a phone system. The number of possible connections or extensions, and rather include the inclusion of already known technological leaps that will make the telephone systems in the coming years for absolute communication centres, there. Expect in the future from a simply more than just a good connection telephone systems. About the control of alarm systems or the camera control for object surveillance. In the operation when the call a lot of money and time is lost, it is in the sense of sound obvious the consideration as a new telephone system can be saved. The connection between PC and telephone is the basis.

Using a CTI (computer telephony integration) solution, the control of the phone via the PC has many advantages. As an absolute specialist for communications solutions the Peter Rauter GmbH headquartered in Neumarkt am Wallersee, in the vicinity of Salzburg in Austria, with many years of experience in the Internet and communications industries analyzed all the requirements of a modern telephone system and on an Internet site has put together clearly is. Flexible and customer-oriented system solutions and the ability to operate paging-enabled services on central servers, make the company Rauter an ideal partner in all areas of communications technology. Recently, a variety of neutral information about latest technologies and requirements identified under telephone systems lieferant.com. In the Center are important tips relating to the purchase of a telephone system, but also ways to optimize existing telephone systems and to expand.

Other services, such as Phone cost comparison, the production of queues, and message texts for telephone systems even with crap parts Pro – include as well. The online Configurator for the analysis of telephone habits, as a decision-making aid for the purchase of a telephone system, is also a useful tool. Modern telephone systems, such as the systems from PANASONIC, at our very best enable a great saving potential. Shorter select operations, optimized operation, electricity-saving during the operation, less costly maintenance contracts as well as lower maintenance expenses and a flexibility of communication, time and money saving real “, so the assessment by Peter Rauter, Managing Director of Rauter GmbH. we connect customers with the technologies of today and tomorrow!” Direct, fast and reliable. That’s why we have bundled all service and services, such as server and technology also with us in the House. We pass on to our experience and our know-how in all areas of telecommunications customers. From the Voice telephony to VoIP, Internet and SMS, are competent contact person available for all questions and solutions “that cuts Peter Rauter complementary out of the company’s performance. Peter Rauter GmbH PBX ISDN VOIP ACD & IVR Fax solutions-answering systems Conferencing Server Unified Messaging Voicemail Microbilling mobile marketing Mobile Messaging Mobile payment SMS / MMS reselling Bahnhofstrasse 11 A-5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee phone: 0043-(0)6216/5721-0 email: Web:



December 22nd


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