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Time Is Money – But Who Actually Knows His Production Times?
by Tam

A series about the different ways of calculating data part 1 imagine that you are the production manager in a manufacturing company and you would have to decide between various offers. Which criterion is one of the most important security? Of course – the price! And now imagine that you would have to make even an offer for a product. How do you calculate? You know how you actually need much time – money – in your production? And what price you at least need to require to work at least break even? To exploit all the possibilities of the company for your offers, you need so much current production times. Only if you included it in your offer, get no surprise at the costing! How can I determine current production times? There are various methods which we will present in a series of 6 articles: exposures with the (electronic) Stopwatch self records of employees, E.g. Payslip or manual data collection and scanner-based data collection of operating data and machine data acquisition video analysis spreadsheet in the last article we compare time blocks the methods (application, advantages, disadvantages).

The classic recording with the electronic stop watch is the most important method the classic recording with the stopwatch is still the main form of data collection. The design and implementation of time exposures in particular depend on what should be used for the data: planning production capacity requirements calculation appointment delivery commitments load calculation systems and staff remuneration and incentive schemes are the advantages and disadvantages of the exposures in the method because the advantages of time shooting with the stopwatch are obvious: high accuracy that is data discovery purpose adapted flexible in carrying out acceptance at the Works Council by recognized REFA methodology main disadvantage however is, that each recording represents a unique it is never see exactly same Repeatable conditions. Also, time recordings that serve in particular the identification of statistically safe standard times, E.g. for pay, are very time consuming. TimeStudy consult Help in the rational design of time exposures, but also there are rational solutions. TimeStudy has developed an intelligent software for data determination. Many satisfied customers confirm again the simple and intuitive operation of the software. From the practice for the practice – this is the motto of the software developer.

The entire package is modular: it contains the Basic module for the classical recording, video analysis, mobile and multi moment study modules as well as the module time blocks for building plan times. The whole package is complemented by the ability to simulate processes. The software works on any standard laptop, NetBook or Tablet PC with a Windows operating system intuitive TimeStudy software suite. The TimeStudy T1 base module allows for the recording and Evaluation of a device. This eliminates the cumbersome, time-consuming reading of the recording device. A Tablet PC can optionally be operated with pen, mouse, or keyboard. The software supports also the handwriting recognition. This is important for the quick note of comments. Instant evaluation of results of the user moves in the familiar world of Windows. There are shortcuts for common keyboard shortcuts. The software is based on MS Access – therefore, a data export to Excel is easily possible. Thus, the timekeeper can evaluate the recorded data according to its own requirements. Pre-built reports to the evaluation of exposures according to REFA facilitate the work. Within seconds, the results are available. Heide Fischer



May 2nd


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