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The Tale Of Climate Change Through Carbon Dioxide
by Tam

There is a thaw in the intellectual ice age regarding the climate lies In the fairy tale “The Emperor’s new clothes”, a business boss sold the political bigwigs for stupid. The business boss would like to much money for something that has the property that must come to him by the nature of things here i.e. for clothing that is undetectable, or right: every proof attempt concludes only, just there is no clothing. Economic boss explains this fact undetectable clothing – or right: the verifiable absence of clothing – so that only intelligent Menschung carry out the clothes. So who is based on the laws of nature, which is stupid. The head of State and his court are not considered stupid, yes they occur is even particularly clever, that they play in the theatre.

So they misappropriate the assets of the people and the business boss slide to the assets that actually to the benefit of the people entrusted to them. The people will then be appeased with same lie: the bigwigs tell the people, that only intelligent people can perceive the clothes, or right: who has looked at the facts, which is stupid. Sometimes fairy tales come true: substitute in the above text once “Clothes” with “Climate change” / “Global warming” / “global warming” / “CO2 disaster” or similar may also still so many trees and roofs under the weight of snow collapsing, yet so many cars and trains in the snow stuck, nor be blocked many roads and shut down as many airports because of snow chaos: on the climate lies no one can shake. The Suddeutsche Zeitung (new beginning without Pachauri, 02.02.10) strongly warns the ‘personal honestly Skeptics”:”their cooing in spite is to doubt the reality of climate change – including the fact that melting Himalayan glaciers – no longer. … The climate scientists must no longer wrestle down the remaining Scatterbrains among their opponents.” Other rigorous system media work diligently as propaganda organs for the Climate catastrophe.

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June 19th


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