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The Limits
by Tam

The terms of reference for engineering and geological surveys, compiled in accordance with the requirements of snip 2.11, you must specify the design characteristics of the object, its geotechnical category (in accordance with Section 1.4 category 3), as well as lead, on the one hand, the characterization of the expected impacts of the construction on the environment, indicating the limits of these impacts in space and time, and on the other side – effects of the environment at the facility in accordance with the requirements of snip 1.22. Terms of Reference, approved by the customer, shall be prepared organization, projecting base, foundations and underground parts of the building and agree on the organization, performing engineering surveys. 2.6. The program of geotechnical surveys should be compiled with the participation of specialized organizations geotechnics.

This should take into account the geotechnical features of high-rise buildings, as set out in Appendix A. The program of geotechnical research on the construction site should include penetration following wells: exploration with the distance between them is not more than 50 m and at least two on opposite corners of the selected site; geotechnical in an amount not less than five: at the corners and center of the dimensions of height of the building in terms of the distance between them is not greater than 20 m. The number of exploration and geotechnical boreholes, the distance between them is within the height of the buildings, and within the rest area building assigned according to knowledge and the complexity of the geological site conditions, taking into account the size and purpose of the building.



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