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The Life
by Tam

When a tree if curve ahead of the secular fort and if leave to fold for its devastadora force, the tree obtain to reerguer themselves as soon as pass the secular fort. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. Same with the shaken roots obtains to remain itself in the alive soil and. But the tree that if fold to the weather and if does not keep rigid and immovable, then is pulled out, broken to the launched way and for far with all force secular it. Thus, he is the man whom it knows to tread its way in the good and knows the moment that must be folded, in the difficult situations of the life, knows to ahead place in flexible way them difficulties and circumstances of the life. It will survive to pass the experience for the others, will survive to know that the life is made of strong and dry climates. But when if it does not recognize and it does not demonstrate a little of goodness, humildade ahead the values of the humanity, then is dragged for the first hurricane that passes, and is broken in the abyss of social exclusion. The ilibada, ethical and ascetic life can helping in them in ' ' problemas' ' of necessity and will. We can consider the necessities and wills as spaces to be filled and worked for virtues as the proper freedom.

We can choose the reflection as half to arrive at a thought free and ethical, capable to make choices with rationality. We can consider the ethical reflection here as an expressive act concrete of the virtuous rationality of the human being. To be called reflection thus, we think that it can leave of the root of the thing, of deepest. To leave of the root and the deep one of the being, it can be that it is necessary it human being to have sensitivity.



August 11th


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