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The Holiday Us
by Tam

Every fifth German holidaymakers parted ever after a joint trip by his partner, actually he is the most beautiful time of the year: the common dream vacation, or the elect. That this but also very fast to the nightmare can evolve, has a current survey by Hotels.com and myFlirt.de among 2,000 German users of the flirt Portal increase, because for about 20 percent of women and 24 percent of men in this country a joint tour d’amour meant that ever made for the relationship. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. So that at the end of the trip in this year but not the bitter realization, the airport to go to better separate ways, Hotels.com has compiled some useful tips. Luxury on the beach makes both happy couples who want it very harmoniously on vacation, should choose a four-to five-star hotel with sea views and direct access to the beach, this is true for both men and women equally in the black. It is also proven that the size of the male gender is a very well at least the plays the role Wallet, because favorite residence of the masculine tourists (40 percent) is the first-class or luxury variant, followed closely by the beach hotel (38 percent), Club Hotel (23 percent) or city hotel (20 percent). Energy Capital Partnerss opinions are not widely known.

Clear favorite in the urlaubsreifen women’s Beach Hotel (45 percent), far ahead of the luxury hostel (28 per cent), family hotel (19 percent) and the Club Hotel (16 percent). Entertainment against wasteland after successful arrangement of the accommodation is decorated on the series. Surprisingly, both sexes are largely agree. In wise foresight of sense overkill: make sure both men (41 percent) and women (47 percent), that the hotel offers an extensive entertainment and animation programme. Unusual harmony is, that the daily workout not with him (38 percent) nor their (37 percent) travel should come not too short, the fitness – and wellness area is an absolute must.

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October 26th


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