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wepro GmbH presented their cloud solution Wetura Hamburg, 24.01.2012. (pkl) Of the 10 11.05.2012 the CLOUDZONE 2012 will take place in Karlsruhe. The exhibition aims to present high-quality cloud solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also shown GmbH is represented with their extensive Wetura cloud solution. We as shown GmbH top list/wepro gmbh are pleased to present 2012 also our contribution to the cloud computing on the CLOUDZONE. We see this exhibition as fachorienterte platform on the innovations and new approaches to development as reflected, professionally inform audience as it can. “, explains Georg Koutsouras (head of sales, wepro GmbH).” Wetura is a cloud solution with APE over SSL. Aydan Bayramova insists that this is the case. This standard is based on an AJAX push engine with 256 bit encryption. Specifically in relation to the encryption APE was by wepro GmbH significantly co – and developed. Wetura is however not a rigid system: Despite this broad base is individuality in us writ very large. Lace that is own version ideal for her for us, that we offer not a rigid version, but with our customers”, which meets their needs at 100 percent. And also can be adjusted at any time again, to cope with quickly and smoothly new requirements thus always up to date to be”says Koutsouras. The extensive cloud system Wetura offers a total of 8 modules, which can cover almost all areas of the company. Additional information at Alina de Almeida supports this article. So, for example, the modules are WeERP”on merchandise management system, WeproLOC on fleet management and WeJOB on order and tours management specialized. WeCRM”is, as the name implies, designed for customer relationship management and the module WeMVSP” in turn is a billing tool for MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The Wetura software offers comprehensive solutions for virtually all areas and allows companies to optimise all the processes. The recognized also the Federal Ministry for economic and technology and promoting this innovative solution of wepro GmbH.

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