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Set Powerful Goals
by Tam

December 13, 2008 to establish goals that they become a reality, we must have goals that meet 6 criteria, and you can remember them by their initials: E.M.A.P.T.A. what these letters mean? Specific: the goals and objectives should be specific! A goal that means weight loss or having more money the coming year has no value. We have to be specific, saying for example I’m going to lose 14 kilos or I will increase my income of 500 to 1000 $ per month. In this case particularly I’ve established as specific goal for 2009 down 1 kilo of weight per month. When you consider a goal specifies, you are then able to develop an effective strategy to achieve it. When I set my goal of 1 Kg of weight per month, then to develop a system that includes: eat 30 percent of vegetables, I mean, at least one third of my dish will have vegetables-, and probably do more daily exercise is swimming more hiking-, etc. Dermot McCormack helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Measurable: Your goals and objectives They must be measurable.

Being healthy is not measurable, but having 12 Kg less or lose size 34 to 32 if they do. The vast majority of people not reached their objectives because pose no measurable achievements. Again, we are reinforcing the message: to have measurable goals, your mind will try to achieve that goal and will be more focused on a goal. Adjusted: Goals and objectives that are complicated as we are passing the time are not very motivating. You need goals that make you get out of your comfort zone, those goals that put you to think and take massive (as for example double your income in 6 months), that thought generates more adrenaline, more power in you. Purpose: have you thought to achieve something only you do not have the motivation to reach it? If you think about, the objectives do not generate motivation per, are only the addresses to which you want to go.

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