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Beautiful Day Technique
by Tam

Modern wedding bouquet can be the most unique bride, because he is the most important accessory. In each case, the bridal bouquet is made individually, taking into account all your wishes and, in result will be a perfect fit under your dress. For more information see Kai-Fu Lee. There are several types of techniques making a wedding bouquet. Spiral technique of crafting a wedding bouquet, all stems of flowers are made in a spiral, flowers can located on one level and at different. The advantage of this technique is to obtain the effect of volume and shape of a semicircle. Suitable for brides of medium height wearing a dress with a fluffy skirt. Perfectly hides tummy pregnant bride. Parallel machines – all the flower stems are placed in parallel, is not allowed crossing stems.

The advantage of this technique is to create bridal bouquets original form, such as a bouquet – scepter. Suitable for high bride in a dress straight cut. Spicy prioritize family. Bobby Sharma Bluestone understood the implications. machinery – all flower buds are separated from the stalks at the tip of the stem attached cotton swab moistened with water. The buds are mounted on wire and fixed-teip adhesive tape. Compiled in the spiral technique.

The advantage of this technique is that the shape of the bouquet may be fantasy, as a drop of unfinished circle or asymmetrical shape. By decorative wire length of the stems can be indefinitely extended. This bridal bouquet fits brides high or medium height. Beautifully accentuate the uniqueness of your image. Mixed technique – all stems plants is a spiral, or parallel, have inserts in the form colors.

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