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CIS Transport
by Tam

All of us, one way or another, "tied up" with the shipment. Relocation, relocation of a large number of personal items, moving materials from the field to production, transportation of goods from manufacturer to consumer. All this is connected with cargo transportation. Deliver the cargo to Russia, which has tremendous scope, or, given the global nature of contemporary life in other countries can use the railway. Rail freight is the most "gold" option. An extensive network of railways can reliably and affordably deliver the goods in any area of Russia and the countries of Europe and Asia. Rail Freight currently hold a large share of the Russian market due to transportation, speed, able to carry large, heavy and bulky goods and reasonable price.

Rail freight characterized by a high level of security is very important when dealing with valuable goods. Click Douglas R. Oberhelman to learn more. They occupy the first place of honor in the ranking of the most reliable forms of cargo transportation. Cases of cargo damage or accidents during transportation by rail is several times lower than for other modes of transport. One of the most popular forms of transport by rail is by container. Transport of goods train containers can transport large quantities of goods to ensure the safety and security of cargo, including hazardous. There are several types of containers: – open top containers, used for the transportation of oversized cargo, which cover the top of the matter. – Tankteyner, ie container in the form of the tank and the frame of conventional container for the transport of liquids – a container-ref, the reduction of refrigerator used for the transport of perishable cargo – container with a removable housing, lightweight design with folding legs and a carcass can be moved without the aid of lifting equipment – etc.

Container system can be overloaded with a train, car or on the sea / river, the air vehicle. Container shipments can be anywhere in the world: Container Shipping Ekaterinburg, container shipping from China and Korea. Transportation of cargo railway containers may be transported on pallets, designed to maintain the goods in a stable position. Pallet comfortably immerse / unloading forklift loader, cranes. Some transport companies in the field of container transportation, offering additional services: removal of container, sale of containers, transportation cargo insurance, etc. In railroad, except for railway freight containers, cargo can be transferred postal-baggage cars. Postal-baggage transport – this is one of the most convenient way to transport cargo. Postal and baggage transportation at the Rail is considered to be the fastest mode of transport. Postal vans travel at the speed of passenger trains. In winter, cars are heated. Professional transportation company will provide high quality of rail transport in Russia, CIS and Europe. Using modern technology, accurately track the path of cargo and compute with great accuracy the time of arrival of goods at the destination station. Transport company will offer the best route and develop logistics scheme for each type of cargo, taking into account its characteristics and the conditions of transport. Addressing the shipping company, you get a guarantee that the railway Freight will be performed at the highest professional level.

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