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Listening Your Body
by Tam

Days ago Listening Your Body changed its image. It has appeared a new category, In movement, with the intention to be introducing two guides theoretical-practices, one of exercises and another one of strechings. Who you think that she will be the protagonist? Evidently it will be the one who generates that movement, the muscle. Permteme presentrtelo, because from now on, that I know that you are progressing in the habit of the healthy life, you will have to be friendly. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. Concele, to be able to work with him, to know how to listen to it when hablarte tries, explicarte its sensations, and to know like requesting answer when you want something to him of him or you need it.

What is a muscle We can understand to the skeletal muscle (the one that belongs to the locomotive apparatus), like a structure independent with a basic function (although nonunique), to generate movement between two bones, by means of one or several joints. In this way, the muscle appears like a flexible body, like an elastic rubber, that is born in a bone (origin) and anchor in another one (insertion), exceeding during its route the tie point between both bones, the joint. It is in the joint where the movement will really take place. Get more background information with materials from David Treadwell. The essential characteristic of the muscle is its capacity of contraction and relaxation. If it is contracted, the muscle will traccionar from its origin towards its insertion, having shortened its length, increasing its volume and approximating its ends.

If one relaxes, it will not exert tension some between origin and insertion and these will tend to move away; the muscle extends and loses thickness. Throughout its route, the muscle will be divided in two basic parts: sinew and muscular belly. The sinew is the part that anchor to the bone, being a hybrid weave species, half bone by its hardness and consistency, half muscle by its flexibility and contrctil potential.

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