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Diesel Power
by Tam

When choosing a diesel power plant is necessary to know a few features in which it will operate. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. How to use power as a primary source or backup, what is the power consumers, whether to use electrical appliances that have so-called inrush current. Accurate assessment will find a suitable diesel power plants to meet specific needs. If you want to use the power of as a backup for low power and short duration power outages, the best possible choice would be a gasoline generator. Petrol is air-cooled engine. Petrol often used in capacities from 0.7 to 20 kW. As low power diesel generator, gasoline generators are manufactured in a tubular frame.

For the drive motors are used benzogenerata well-known manufacturers. Petrol produced as a two-stroke and four-stroke power units. Petrol with a two-stroke engines – gasoline is a small plant of small capacity for occasional use. Service life of such generators – about 500 hours when using gasoline generator 2-3 hours a day. For more serezdnyh purposes, use up to 8 hours a day, with suitable Petrol four-stroke engines with a top location of valves. These power plants equipped with automatic shutdown at low oil level. They have a high safety margin and is considered the most reliable in its class. issues. Longest Petrol resource have a V-twin engine.

Such plants are used to power 9-15 kW. The best known gasoline power following manufacturers: SDMO, Gesan powered by Honda, Petrol DAMASK, Ultra, TALON and oscillators SDMO, Gesan with Honda engines power 2.2-10 kW. Petrol power plants can be divided into three types of starting the engine: manual, automatic and elektrostart start. Manual start – start-up gasoline generator carried by a cable and a mechanical starter. Elektrostart – start-up gasoline generator by using an electric starter. Automatic start – start gasoline generator carried by at with electric starter, which is triggered automatically with the loss of the core network. If you need backup power all year round, you will approach a liquid-cooled diesel generators. These power reliable and durable, MTBF 20 000-40 000 hours. There are two types of diesel power plants: the "high speed" engine (3000 r / min) and "low speed" motor (1500 rev / min). Diesel engines from 3000 rev / min are more noise, higher fuel consumption and fewer resources, but they are cheaper than diesel generators with a "low speed" motor (1500 rev / min). Diesel power of the industrial class – equipped with a liquid-cooled engines, work only on 1500 r / min. In such facilities are only used synchronous brushless and maintenance-free generators. These diesel power plants can provide round the clock electricity cottage, country house, or even a small farm. When choosing a diesel power plant just need advice of an experienced specialist.

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