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Andres Luis
by Tam

The Internet basically and composed for a estrutrutura in nets that basically are directed by means of Ips and dnss that they are essentially: IP code of identification of each schemes that it enters in the Internet as if was the RG of each schemes. DNS code of addressing of determined site as if it was a Postal Address of each schemes This code generally and even though for questions of codified navigation this for addresses of marks as qie is about the site of courses onlines that this offering this article. In the next years the Internet therefore to one will have a very strong demand for accesses has left of the world-wide population that does not have access the Inernet and that the Internet in the next years with Projects to digital Inclusion expects to have access moreover the access frequency the Internet anger to increase very in the next years these is some forecasts of specialists. With this increase of demand It will also have an increase in what the economic part says respect that is each time more the companies will go to use the Internet to generate profits for its businesses DES of the small company going ties the companies of great transport. With these information supplied for specialists in market then we return the question but now of form it specifies. Who anger to place these companies in the Internet? These Companies they will be placed by a new professional who this in the market webmaster either a professional contracted for an agency of web or oque if calls for freelancer this will be the professional who anger to place and to keep the company in the Internet. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Zendesk. Beyond this field also anger to appear as already this appearing a demand each bigger time for professionals who work of colaborativa form thus presenting a vast market for the professional future of web or to webmaster that the thick way wants to say professional of web. But you must be if asking As if become a Webmaster? I undertake time and devotion in studying this and the word of order for who desires if a Webmaster.

I conclude this our study saying that the Internet and something of vanguard and that this only in the start therefore very oque to come in terms of technology and innovation and the great differential of the Internet and the possibility of if working of global form that is a work without borders. This Article was developed on the basis of the courses Businesses in the Internet Dream or Nightmare in the Formation of Webmaters and TICs more information on these courses can be gotten in the site. I wait that they have liked.

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December 19th


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