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Solaris 10 NFS Daemon
by Tam

The Network File System (Network File System) or NFS is an application-level protocol, according to the OSI model. It is used for distributed file systems in a computer network environment of local area. It enables different systems connected to the same network to access remote files as if they were local. Originally developed in 1984 by Sun Microsystems, with the aim of which is independent of the machine, the operating system and the transport protocol, this was possible because the protocols are implemented on XDR (presentation) and ONC RPC (meeting) . Enable the NFS daemon on the server: svcadm-v enable-r network / nfs / server sharing the directory server: share-F nfs-o rw / disk mounted on the client: mount-F nfs server: / disk / mount mount_point command is a Unix-based systems used to mount devices and partitions for use by the operating system.

Fit is to make the operating system project the contents of that drive or partition on a logical link (a directory). When vacate the bond is broken and is still working with the same core files. If restarts add it to / etc / vfstab: server: / disk – / mount_point nfs – yes rw, soft The fstab (file systems table) is commonly found on Unix systems (in the / etc /) as part of the system configuration. The highlight of this file is the list of available disks and partitions. It shows how to assemble each device and what settings to use. With the commands mount and umount read this file to determine which options to use when mounting the device specified. For example, ‘mount / media / music /’ ride in the directory / media / music device described in fstab with the options you have marked, if these allow it.

The system administrator has to support to keep this file for the best use of the devices. This is usually done using a text editor, graphics applications although there are more inexperienced users. The file may have other names depending on the variant of Unix.

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