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And to think it almost did not have – a real child served as the prototype of the character. Well, bear just tried to make nice and not evil. 5. Next is a storyboard to plot the board. In fact – it's drawing comics for every situation, prescribed in the script. To one or another plot twist draws his comic strip, with the expression facial expressions and moods of the characters. 6. Voice – an important step in the production of cartoons.

Who and how voices of heroes – in principle at the first couple is not important, because this process happens all the time, before and after the storyboards. Often it happens that after assembly of the cartoon in one scene the actors are invited again to pereozvuchivaniya entire video. 7. The available samples of voices are superimposed on the video, in the process is synchronized with the movements and facial expressions, as well as sounding dialogue. The cartoon Masha and the Bear with this easier – the characters hardly talk, due to the fact that a – a child who by age still says little, and the second – just a bear. 8. Storyboarding with story boards no flowers be removed on a film or being pushed into the PC by scanning from top to impose a rough tracks. This can be called the first birth of the cartoon – at this stage, it becomes clear what will be animated and that required attention. 9. These collected black – white images scanned directorial team and producers.

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February 5th


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