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Processes And Systems
by Tam

The address should establish an organization oriented to the client a) by defining clearly comprehensible, manageable and improved processes and systems, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency is concerned, and b) ensuring an effective and efficient operation and control of processes, as well as measures and data used to determine the satisfactory performance of the library. Examples of useful activities to establish a customer-oriented library are: – define and promote processes that lead to improving the performance of the library, – acquire and use information and the user of a continuous data – address progress towards the continuous improvement of the satisfaction of user and – using appropriate methods to assess the improvement of the process, such as auto evaluations and reviews by management. Key benefits: Improving the image of the library through a flexible and rapid response to market opportunities target users. Increased efficiency in the use of the library’s resources to increase user satisfaction. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. Improves customer loyalty, which leads to greater use of services offered by the library. The application of the principle of focus to the user is implemented by means of: Study and understand the needs and expectations of the user, via quantitative as surveys or qualitative as targeted groups (Focus groups) research.

Make sure that the goals and objectives of the library are linked to the needs and expectations of the user Communicate needs and expectations of the user to the entire library. Measuring the user satisfaction and acting on the results. David S. Levine addresses the importance of the matter here. Systematically manage relationships with users. Ensure the balance between the satisfaction of users and other interested parties (such as the institution to which it belongs the library, employees, suppliers, financial, local communities and society in general). Principle 2 leadership leaders establish unity of purpose and orientation of the management of the library. They should create and maintain an internal environment, in which staff can reach to engage fully in the achievement of the objectives of the library.

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