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File sharing, in this case it will DepozitFayls. So explain the essence. The bottom line is that you’ll be forced to download a file from the deposit, thereby earning the coin. Dermot McCormack may not feel the same. How to force download the file? Yes, easily for this and want to contest! Let me explain by example: In which a resource (my preferred) to create a theme. It supposedly writing a contest, who will answer the question gets $ 10 (for example). What is the trick you ask … And the fact that question will be drawn in the picture is larger than 1 megabyte (credited to deposit its downloads), which in turn will be filled on file sharing (in this case the deposit).

A link to this image and will be subject to the Forum! Imagine the scene: come to your site and sees a man that is in the likeness of ‘ATTENTION, COMPETITION! PRIZE $ 10). This man naturally look for that contest. Go down, see what you need to answer a question, click on the link to the question download a picture, look at the issue, and … … Will not be able to answer. more in-depth analysis.

Why? That is why the issue needs to be done oooooochen complicated! It is better to do a puzzle, so for the 1,000 people who want to participate you will get $ 3! If the question is do VERY complicated, when you visit more than 1,000 people a day in your life, the answer is there is no earlier than two months, and even if it exists, will pay! After all, profits will be much more! The main and the only condition for participation in game will be the definition of the main page of your site as user home page, which will increase the number of your unique visitors per day. More Unico per day – more advertising.

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December 30th


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