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In his moment of maximum splendor, back in the 15th century, Lisbon was one of the most important ports around the world, the commercial center of a country that was Lord and master of all the seas. The great Navigator Vasco da Gama opened the way to the India and their spices that enriched the Empire were allowing to build wonderful palaces for his own glory. Lisbon, with its magnificent monuments of colonial time mired in a slow but unstoppable abandonment, is a humble and unpretentious big, capital one shy invited to this fair which is Europe. Click Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. But it is precisely this decadent spirit which gives the city its charm and appeal. For even more analysis, hear from altavista. The devastating earthquake of 1744 destroyed the city completely and deprived of the architectural splendor of the preceding centuries. The unique jewels that were left standing were the bustling Bairro Alto and the gathered Arab neighbourhood of Alfama, located atop two hills that flank Lisbon. One thing that makes me very curious in this city are the narrow streets adorned balconies and arcades with the beautiful flowers stairs and stately courtyards, columns and facades painted in eye-catching shades to highlight, even more if possible, own tile. The beauty of these streets is in the spirit of decadence that seems to dominate everything.

The passage of time has left its footprints in the rocks and the stucco, and the salt-laden air has finished by cracking the tiles. And it is that one believes in the silent hours of noon found in Pompeii. A few lame trams, coming out of a box of toy trains, are struggling to save the earrings and the bends so characteristic of this city. Reminiscent of the Wild West more than modern urban transport, seem to be completely out of control, like the tail of a runaway convoy vehicle. At night, the echo of their passage through the narrow streets and the reflection of their lights on the walls is the closest to the image of a ghost train. Legacies of an extravagant vanity, Expo 98 left a huge Oceanarium and a modernized meter, with utopian stations that culminate in that giant grasshoppers of concrete and aluminum that is the station main and that, guess who has designed it, our well known Calatrava. On the waters of the Tagus River, the bridge of the revolution joins North of Lisbon with the more humble neighborhood of Cacilhas, located on the southern shore.

The protagonists are the smell of fried sardines and worn and frayed fishing nets. Apart from his decadent appearance, it portrays one of the most important port centers of Europe. From sunrise to sunset you can’t enter or leave any cargo ship which does not match its speed to the sound of the bells. To the sunset, rough fishermen of tanned by the water and cold hands sing a fado, the national anthem of the humble classes. remember old dreams of love and loss of loved ones knowing that, any desire, any will, is doomed to failure by the same deadly condition of human beings.

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June 18th


Nelson Mandela
by Tam

If you haven’t heard of the Gabriel method weight loss without dieting and considered that it was nonsense, then you need to know more about the topic. If you’re fat, obese or simply need to lose some weight off unwanted, then do yourself a favor and take the time to evaluate the sensational story of how Jon Gabriel lost more than 220 pounds without diet and need liposuction or gastric baypass or any other surgical system. Like many overweight people, Jon has searched for and tried many different diets in an effort to lose weight. None of these helped to give you permanent weight loss. He just lost some weight, but with the same speed that it dropped, came back to win. Over the years his weight increased gradually until reaching staggering 409 pounds! It was then that he realized that the diets were not working and that we had to find a satisfactory solution. Gabriel is a biochemical researcher by profession. Once understood the futility of the use of diets to control weight loss, he embarked on a search to find another solution.

He finally made a unique discovery, which he calls a FAT SWITCH. The fat switch on, there is little you can do to stop the weight gain. Kai-Fu Lee insists that this is the case. Once understood as that switch is off, you create a situation that allows you to lose weight. The method of Gabriel slimming for always includes the concept of yourself thinking thin. With this approach to image and its ability to turn off the fat switch, your body knows that you want to be slim and begins to lose weight naturally. The body helps to retrieve the inner balance through control of the production and operation of two of its important hormones leptin and insulin to help the body weight loss. The Gabriel method may sound crazy to some, but the method is well supported by medical professionals, as well as the impressive test offered by the own Jon. That has stumbled with a natural amazing permanent weight loss method.

To analyze photographic evidence of his final achievement, an excessive weight loss, you will notice that loose skin that normally associated with the plans of the majority of diets that have incurred in an extreme loss of weight he looks nowhere. It has a soft, firm waist and found in a healthy 184 pounds. His starting weight was 409 pounds. There are plenty of photographic evidence of people who have been using this program. Analyze some of the testimonies of dramatic weight loss during periods of 2, 3, 5 months, can be calculated on average up to a surprising figure of 11 pounds weight loss per day! There are many in the medical profession who are backed by the method Gabriel lose weight forever. These professionals do not have nothing but praise for the nutritional value of the programme and of the form that has helped patients overcome the specific health problems such as diabetes and obesity. Such appreciation is associated with the program Gabriel that in certain circles in which Jon has been presented have given a prestigious award. Other winners of this same award, include people like: Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali and Sting. For a natural and permanent solution to the problems of weight, then, test method Gabriel lose weight forever.

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May 18th


Form Natural
by Tam

How to cure hemorrhoids naturally?, the answer is to use a treatment with no artificial or chemical products, that us an optimal solution to hemorrhoids, which we provide our body the essential to cure only, but why must have healing properties against this evil. There are many products that give us quick solutions to our problems, but if we want to heal us naturally we must apply the following: Aloe vera: to make our needs, apply the pulp of aloe vera after proper asepsis, helps to soothe hemorrhoids, and stops the pain caused to the evacuate, its continued use provides sufficient nutrients for our body to recover. Ripe tomatoes: cut a slice cold tomato and place it on the hemorrhoid making slight pressure, decreases the damaged tissue and with the force we are making backward a little hemorrhoid into place. Fruit: There is nothing better than combat to hemorrhoids with a good diet, consumption of fruits known as banana, apples, oranges, they have much content of fiber, they repaired the mucous membranes of the walls of the intestine, especially the area of the rectum, possess little fat that helps good circulation in the veins of this form. Milk and yogurt: If you are tolerant to lactose, have great possibilities that your cure will not take long; These foods are rich in calcium, and as we all know that calcium strengthens bones, but also makes the muscles to have excellent control to give the sagging and relaxation when it needs it; with a good calcium content our sphincters do not work much in feces output. Yogurt contains probiotics, i.e. healthy bacteria to our intestinal flora, improves the transit and is responsible for removing harmful microorganisms that can cause infections to hemorrhoids. Exercise: It is important to perform continuous, and mild exercises to improve the elasticity of our body and also to speed up our metabolism a little realizing that our cells need and take better advantage of nutrients.. .

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April 20th


New Pages
by Tam

Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc along the life one builds his own path, because as says that writer Walker: the path does not exist, the same is done by walking. Today is born a new year, a new chapter in the book of the life of each one. New blank pages lie there in your hands. From now on, you’re responsible for the lyrics and writing of each empty space. You have the power to choose what to write, what clear and points that will remain blank.

In the first of the leaves, we will translate thanks to life for giving us the opportunity to keep walking in our history. Let us remember the names of the people who made the difference in the past days with joy, and which we hope will continue at our side. This year will be a challenge, will be filled with many things and great challenges, but do not be afraid to live them. Here I am life let’s live! When I see the eyes of the world, when I feel that I can be better, when I think my faculties and triumphs, when looking for a prayer second chance, when it is handing me another book to walk alone cannot think of everything that I wanted to capture. In my hands, the desire to create. On the lips, positive thing to talk about. My heart, always willing to love. I hope to never stop your dreaming! We write together a new book! Live the fantasy of a new story.

Let’s the best attempts! Bring to reality what others only tick of dream. You are the best of the books. You’re magic inside magic. The Sun that transcends any darkness. Thank you for allowing me, read a little about yourself. By turning on the light that others can emulate. As the unequivocal proof, that special thing you can watch because there is because you’re you love walking and from today, it will begin to write another chapter of his life. 03/01/08 6: 44 p.m. 7: 18 p.m.

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December 10th


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