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Primary Agriculture
by Tam

However, Oak & Kaniski (2000) understands that from dcadade 1950 another sector, the Quaternary, on emerges to the information and acomunicao (to see Table 2). However, these sucessivossetores of the economy predominant for one had been determined time, perdendoparte of its importance from the innovations of science and the technique. Primary Osetor already was predominant, using most of the one hand-of-obraocupada, answering for the production of most of the wealth, however, evoluoda science and of the technique it makes to emerge a new way to produce established naproduo in series and mass, through the use of machines and tools. It is aemergncia of the secondary one, that it gains importance predominating for some tempocomo hegemonic model, bringing in its bulge, the specialization detrabalhadores, the discovery in new ways to produce energy, etc. Thus, such model, by acting tambmcomo man power economizer, is suppressed by a new nocomrcio established paradigm and in the sector of services, the tertiary one. Now the activities of maiorrelevncia make to enormously grow the number of products, merchandises and pessoascirculando.

When the tertiary one if becomes unsatisfactory due to the datcnica advance fed by science, deep changes happen making emergirum new based tecno-economic paradigm in information, that is, in the generation deservios and the production and transmission of the information. Table 2 – The sectors of the economy and asprincipais economic activities. Main sectors of the economy economic activities Primary Agriculture, cattle and extrativismo (on activities mainly to the agricultural way). Secondary It includes the activities industrial Tertiary Includes on activities to the commerce and the rendering of services Quaternary on Activities to the information and the communication Source: elaborated from dadoscoletados in Vesentini & Vlach (2002) and Oak & Kaniski (2000). 3.1. on activities to the setorprimrio In the agreement of Vesentini & Vlach (2002), the older economic activities are the extrativas: the hunting, fishes it and the collection of fruits in the bushes.

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December 10th


by Tam

To learn and to teach Geography for the Interactive way are fascinating, poissuas possibilities to develop and to stimulate new acquisitions deconhecimento is still ample and full of new features. Thus informticacomo tool of support to the process teach-learning, is one recursoque allows to work with the contents of geography computational utilizandoprogramas, that uniting practical theory and can guarantee nofuturo, great professionals. This article comes to show and to reflect sobrealguns works and challenges of the education of geography in century XXI, focando the use of the Geotecnologias.Palavras Keys: Geography. Process teach-learning. Geotecnologias 1.Introduo From the decade of 70, with the great evolution of the technology of computer science, the aerofotogrametria and the remote sensoriamento, became possible to get, to store and to represent geoespaciais information in computational environment, opening space for the sprouting of the Geoprocessamento, starting from there a new way to study and to monitor the changes that occur in the terrestrial surface. Being thus together with the process of teach-learning in geographic sciences, appears a thought more contemporary who not only must be absorbed by the current educators in the education of Geography, but in all sciences. Old in Geography the pupils had contact with basic the theoretical conceptualization that involves the use of space data.

This theoretical conceptualization, however, was not considered as enough to become the pupil capable to abstract its applications. It was considered, then, that the pupils had an initial contact with practical of the use of softwares of Geoprocessamento/Geotecnologia and its products so that this capacity was developed during its pertaining to school life, university and that, possibly, would be used in elapsing of its professional performance. Breaking of these ideas this article it comes to show in clear way use of programs as Spring, Arc Gis, Adobe Ilustration, Google Earth, AutoCAD Map amongst that helps in the process of agreement and analysis of the space, fitting to the educators to stimulate since early these pupils if to make familiar to these new more practical and modern tools.

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September 13th


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