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Ask how could improve your business, increase the quality of their products, increase the variety of products that you are offering, reaching more customers, etc. While these terms contain concepts that only they seem to belong to the world of adults, they are very simple and easy to understand if we put aside the complexity that we adults have given them. Innovate simply means to try new methods, as for example offer jams of different flavors. A better marketing simply means asking the neighbor what kind of cookies are his favorite. Improving the quality of the product simply means Add more or better ingredients, improve container or wrapper. In the end, are basic concepts that any child can understand. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Code.org by clicking through.

For example, our children started his chicken coop with commercial Chicken breeds. They soon discovered that there are chickens Creole in Chile that lay blue eggs of which it has been scientifically proven that they have 30% less cholesterol. Got blue eggs, incubated them, and today its customers Queuing to buy them. Teach them to create systems an important business concept that should teach them to their children is the cocking systems running without them. So their children don’t end up as employees of their own business, changing hours for dollars, teach them to delegate duties and devote himself more to the vision and the management of your business.

Talk to them about the advantages of creating passive income. This concept is neither too elaborate for the world of your child. Once they have grasped the idea of being able to earn money without working, will be surprised with how creative that will be made to find ways of delegate. Your child may involve his friends in the business. For example, our daughter bought cosmetic products which decided to sell among their peers. For that a cousin and a friend he hired and paid them a Commission. Education in values: instill generosity perhaps the most important lesson that your children can get a business itself is the learn to interact correctly with the money. Teach them to their children from a very early age that money is like fire: you can use to do something good, like cooking a meal, or get out of control and destroy a home. Help them to look at these bills that are accumulating in your piggy bank as a tool for good. It’s okay to buy a toy as reward for their efforts, but they should understand that the accumulation of goods only for the own satisfaction does not bring happiness. Only will live a life of success when they obtain the vision that your business will be to serve others and to collaborate with its grain of sand for the world be a better place. That is the most important lesson that your children can learn to have an own business.

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