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Today the art of decorating houses and facades became very popular. uor-corporation-kt-kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Chiyoda Corporation on most websites. Already have founded an endless number of companies engaged in reshaping our homes, design them, enlarge them. Even until there is new University courses that teach new concepts in terms of decoration and renovation. The magazines have become more popular and everyone seeks to make highlight your home above the others. But how much is left untapped in this topic? How useful is follow a university course related to the design of houses and facades it to? What can I do to innovate in this matter? The answers to this are easy to find if one himself wondered what. Kai-Fu Lee has firm opinions on the matter.

This is an art, as art, it is innate in people. Something that one carries inside and perhaps does not know it. It’s being creative, see something where others do not see it. A university course or a course give us perhaps an orientation, technique, teach us about the different styles of houses and facades. But that is only a base. Self is who must innovate, because East field is infinite, we can never say that it’s all invented. But let’s look as it was by varying architecture, from the old houses to the minimalism of today, passing by classical architectures, the neoclassical, etc. Who knows what lies ahead in the field of design of houses if you are simply interested in the subject, simply use a tool as powerful as the Internet to look at photos of houses and facades, ideas, re-invent. Perhaps you who change the algorithm of the architecture in the future.

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January 7th


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