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Gunther Wolf
by Tam

A very sensitive issue, which in Germany is although rarely openly, it occasionally even more violent fighting is seminars 2013 in Munich and Hamburg the salary of workers. Decision makers learn how questions of content profitably can rules be for employers and workers, in seminars in Munich and Hamburg. Mid-March 2013 for the umpteenth time, travellers were pulled by warning during tariff negotiations to higher salary affected. This time, it met the German railways and their customers especially in the Hamburg region and North Rhine-Westphalia, where failures and delays also long-distance services until after Munich was affected. Contemporary regulate questions of salary information about how content can be designed einvernehmlicher and also contemporary, members of senior management and HR managers in seminars in Munich and Hamburg.

On a day in may 2013, decision makers in the Bavarian can sign up or in the Hanseatic metropolis where the content experts Gunther Wolf renowned beyond Inform introduction and modernization of variable salary systems. In the seminar, the participants learn two basic models of goal – and remuneration systems: the agreement on the objectives and the target optimization system. Both systems combine as the name implies with variable content, whereby the target optimization system is a further development of the classic target agreement. Goals: executives will be the direction before as with the classic target agreement arise even when the target optimization the objectives to be achieved by the employees of the company’s objectives, based on the respective field of activity of employees. Task of senior executives is therefore continues to derive appropriate, challenging and achievable goals for individuals or teams. “The target optimization is now exactly where it hooks the target agreement meeting experience: in the problem area of target height”. There is therefore no haggling about the “height”, from which system the target optimization Reaching a variable salary will be paid.

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