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Mike – this is a sleeveless shirt, is underwear. Often used as an element of fitness in some sports. The story of T-shirts is notable that male T-shirts is proroditelem swimsuit on wide straps. With changes in fashion top of the swimsuit became a separate part of the lower belya.Pervye shirts were made of cotton jersey these days can be sewn from a fairly wide range of materials. Also today, a very popular T-shirts with slogans.

Thanks, George Masson shirts gained enormous popularity in America around the mid-1980s gg.Rasprostraneno view that T-shirts have become popular due to rock stars who wore them at their concerts, fans have followed the example of the stars. However, people in T-shirts and often appeared on the silver screen, this dress has demonstrated beneficial effect, strength, courage and determination kinogeroya. Bobby Sharma Bluestone wanted to know more. Given the historical origins of T-shirts are of interest synonyms of the garment in English: Sleeveless shirt – T-shirt, tank top, Tank top – a shirt with straps, shirt-alcoholic, Singlet – sweatshirt, lower sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt Indeed, Vest Vest – undershirt, shirt front, vest, coat, vest. All these English words are used to refer to, literally, a sleeveless shirt or garment, which cropped sleeves. T-shirts worn regardless of gender, depending on the style odezhdy.Ranshe underwear underwear worn to conceal hair on a man's chest, however, T-shirt is not conducive to the protection of the manifestations sweat stains on outer clothing. T-shirts are often worn as outerwear sportsmeny.V, T-shirt has become particularly popular in the climate-hot regions of America in the '80s, and in some countries it is considered perfectly acceptable to return to the society. On the Internet razvidiem very popular online shops have T-shirts and shirts, which, in order, you can purchase T-shirts with slogans, children's t-shirts and many other products such as sweatshirts or mats mouse.

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