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Strategies Multinivel
by Tam

Usually it is very common that in the returns that we give in the promotion of our products or services for our Marketing of Multinivel, that we trip over people of very negative direction in which they give to a full answer when saying to us that &quot us; Business of Multinivel not funciona" or that did not have the results that hoped and unfruitfully lost their valuable time and money inverted in the Business of Multinivel. But who are these people who make those affirmations so radical, once your you enter in detail with these people it give account you of which never they resorted to the basic strategies of trade which they must be followed to be successful in this business, is equivalent to buy a vehicle and without to have even learned to lead, to raise us him and to say to him we take that us to tal o cual site to have left waiting for and nothing happens, because the vehicle is not able to only advance by itself, before we must learn to lead, to ignite it so that it soon starts and to begin to advance in him, this analogy is identical, " Comprometen" in a Business of Multinivel but they do not become jumbled in it, hopes that the Marche business by inertia and hopes that by itself he generates the results waited for, but Multinivel does not only move by itself, as it does not make the automobile either, has to act, to ignite it and to take it so that it initiates the march. They justify its failure blaming to the model, becoming deceit victims when simply they began in a Business who never started up, according to this we are going to mention which are the basic strategies that must be put in practice to initiate and to put into operation a Business of Multinivel: Strategies to follow in a Business of Multinivel: To define a plan of action and work, establishes the priorities and follows the recommendations of its sponsor. .

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April 14th


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