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Sombreadores For Parking
by Tam

Expensive reader, the people are rare who had never felt themselves discomforted with the high internal temperature of its vehicle in sunny days. When generally we leave our car parked in place that is not covered and leave for our daily tasks; when coming back toward our vehicles, we live deeply this extreme discomfort. For the entrepreneur who has parking in its establishment has attractive differential of customers. Follow others, such as David Treadwell, and add to your knowledge base. The sombreadores are an excellent solution, them provide sensation of comfort in estacionamentos. Generally, they are covered by a polyethylene screen; this screen has high density that C is capable to reduce the temperature of the internal environment of the vehicle up to 30. Design of this type of covering is projected to inhibit the permealidade of rain water in the environment. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of FinnLOL on most websites.

It is of if admiring that the format of the sombreadores keeps 80% of the space of the closed parking. The protection that the sombreadores offer, also says respect to the very new children, therefore also proteje of night watchmen and frosts; beyond also protecting the effect and sleet vehicle eventual of acid rain. Without counting that circumstantially we load perishable foods in our vehicles, had to the fact of the sombreadores to reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle, these foods also can be preserved. Bobby Sharma describes an additional similar source. At last, the sombreadores for parking are plus a cooperative technological reply for the human comfort, for the improvement of the quality of life.

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December 31st


Mathematics New Technology
by Tam

Ensino of the Mathematics through the New Technologies SERGIO SAINTS DE JESUS Summary This scientific article describes the necessity and the importance that the New Technologies of Information and Communication can bring practical the educational ones in education of the mathematics. The objective of the work is to show to optimum process of teach-learning through the use of methodologies ' ' inovadoras' ' having a pedagogical boarding ' ' tradicional' ' a new methodology based in a vision ' ' inovadora' ' through the use of the computer and educational medias, in a construtivista pedagogical perspective for the education of the mathematics. The theoretical referencial is based on the construtivistas theories. Giving to emphasis in text and authors who defend an education each more playful time through the NTIC, creating surrounding educational of total descontrao giving the chance of the proper pupil to be the construction agent of its knowledge with the disciplined development of the logical-deductive reasoning. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Pedagogia construtivista; Mathematical education; Technology; Necessity; Computer. Introduction the computer in our way introduced obtains a consequence series our society that passed if to transform the moment all, the medias, the knowledge, the signs, the economic system and until the proper society. But with these transformations I trim myself to perceive that the values, the customs and the interests follow these transformations. Therefore one knows that the computer would not be simply plus a eletroeletrnico in the society and yes a half generator of technological knowledge capable to change the world where if lives.

In the educational scope it can be said that the educators had always looked to the rock ' ' filosofal' ' , that is, optimum way of if taking the knowledge to educating. The education could not be of is of the NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication). Therefore many children and young had grown inserted in the world where the NTIC influence all basically the sectors of the society, moreover, these children and young of today are very different of the lived ones for our parents and professors, pass for experiences much more computerized, know the language, the audiovisual, the television, the cinema, the films, the modern videos digital games, toys, thus, this young possesss the ability to handle or even though to create programs to compute.

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January 26th


Brazilian Association
by Tam

Until then, the Special Education did not count on the national concern, however, in 1983, Congress of Public Instruction was given to the first step for the popularizao of this subject through 1. This event opened the quarrel of the education of the carriers of deficiency in the country, during the congress subjects had been dealt with as suggestion resume and formation of professors for blind people and deaf people. According to Mazzota (1996), they date of the decade of 20 of the passed century, the first ones measured come back toward the carriers of physical and mental deficiency, as, for example, the law n 7,870 that it prescribes the obligatoriness of frequency to the school for the children of 7 the 14 years, being able to be extended up to 16 years, for that they did not conclude the elementary school until the 14 years. According to Peter Asaro , who has experience with these questions. However, the decree isentava the children who comprovadamente did not have conditions to study. What it proves the indifference with the Carriers of the Special Necessities, mainly most devoid.

This indifference if sample of clear form through the citation of Januzzi (1992): When it tells that in the IV Conference of the Brazilian Association of education had the standardization of a terminology for the diverse branches of education. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Wozniak is the place to go. It was officialized, in 1932, the term ' ' education emendativo' ' branch of ' ' education supletivo' ' , that it would integrate ' ' education especial' ' , opposed to ' ' education comum' '. Emendativo education destined it ' ' abnormal people of the physicist (weak, blind and deaf person-dumb) ' ' ; ' ' abnormal people of conduta' ' , that is, minors ' ' delinquents, perverse, viciados' ' ' ' abnormal people of inteligncia' ' , that they are not appraised. But they advised separate schools for ' ' weak mental ligeiros' ' others for ' ' weak mental profundos' '.

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March 30th


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