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Stock Photo
by Tam

Practice web designer does much more comfortable that by creating the idea, the concept, the author is able to find the Internet a large number of ready-made collections of images, photographs that can be changed, processing, and use in your work. Such collections of pictures and photos, selected topics, called Stock Photo. There are two variants of clip art – raster and vector. It depends on what image format. The main difference between these types of clip art that in the clipart, the image is encoded as parameters of figures – the parts making up an image and the pixels are simply not available. For example, if the picture is circle – are not recorded in the individual components of this circle – pixels, and stored the location of its center, the length of the radius, what is its color.

Because of this, the image is lightweight, but it can be scaled to any direction, regardless of the resolution. Naturally, such a low weight makes the graphics clipart extremely popular on the World Wide Web, in particular in the flash animation. Collections of different backgrounds, parts or elements, as much as the images on various topics (coffee, Italy, movie stars, etc.) saves the developer a lot of work, giving the opportunity to act out their ideas with ready-made patterns. Draw a picture in vector from scratch – not an easy job that takes a lot of time, which is usually lacking, and requires good possession of the individual programs (for example – editors, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw). These kits often come with a raster "Thumbnail", which allow viewing the contents of a file without opening it. But any raster significantly increases the weight of the file. By the way, with the help of these programs can be added to the composition of bitmap images or patterns.

Remember – the more is the number of data components, the greater will be the size of the file. Click Dell Computers to learn more. It may come to the aid of vectorized. But when you want to get a result closer to the original, the latter you will need to adjusted manually.



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