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Stobbe Werbeagentur GmbH
by Tam

News from the RSWA Rieck & Stobbe Werbeagentur GmbH with the relaunch of the product are the premium-chilled-food dishes by Alfons Schuhbeck in a completely new and fresh look. The Dusseldorf advertising professionals RSWA redesigned from the ground up the corporate design and set the culinary delights with high-quality product shots appealing scene. Paris dishes were presented already late September 2008 on the Intermeat in Dusseldorf. As of February 2009, the products for the final consumer in the cooling shelves are available. The product shots of the advertising agency RSWA reflect the high quality of the finished dishes and make really tasty new recipes by Alfons Schuhbeck consumers. In addition to pork medallions in forest mushroom sauce and nipped or oven meatloaf in Gravy with mashed potatoes, for example, boiled beef in horseradish sauce with Savoy cabbage and potatoes is available. Premium chilled food courts of Paris cover the increasing demand for high-quality and healthy convenience foods in the Food retail and this without the otherwise common loss of taste.

The Special on the menu is the preservation method, which allows a better vitamin and nutrient content in contrast to the classical methods in addition to good taste. Alone the sight of a 400 g pack of Paris makes the mouth water consumers. The cool dishes convince not only due to their quality, but also with its very short preparation time. After 4 minutes in the microwave (600 watts), the courts can be consumed already. Anyone who has tried the new creations of Paris once at home, have to admit that they differ very little from a good restaurant meal\”, so Dennis Stobbe, Managing Director of the advertising agency RSWA. You can taste the claim of Paris faithful to the motto of German cuisine fresh enjoyment.

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July 13th


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