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“Still Life Underground “
by Tam

Today is October 11, 2009. I want to greet all visitors to my blog. My name is Ruslan, I am 30 years old, married, with his wife daughter of 4 years. With the Internet know, we can say is enough time: he knew what a blog, but did not know what to write about. Just recently saw a picture that just forced me to start a blog and write about it. Of course, I understand that this topic is unlikely to bring me traffic, but remain silent about it is simply impossible. This picture I called "Underground still life 'and I watched it in our garage cooperatives. Technology investor spoke with conviction.

In the basement of the cooperative cellar. One day when I went down to the cellar for pickles, I have seen just outraged, in this passage near the wall Banks were missing. Is it really so hard to bear for another litter, because this garbage left by people who are themselves members of the cooperative. And so there is quite often especially in summer when traveling in the country, looking for a place to retire to climb away: Well, I think that's – an impassable place is disappointing when you see scattered around , bags and other debris. People, well, because it's time to realize that we the people one planet, and other home we have not.

I want to do treatment, friends, because it is easy to take a bag of garbage, let's think about buduyuschih generations, the order in our house. And it turns out, we are concerned only the order in apartment, but we do not care what happens in the entryway. Often hear excuses: it's in our country such people are. It is time to change minds that this country – what we are now, in particular, one does not change its attitude in our country, nothing will not change. I am not in the ranks of Greenpeace, but very much hope that this article will cause a headache, and change our attitude. Thank you for having read the article, I am waiting for your comments!



August 7th


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