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The artists get his motifs in the work of others, and if the same laws that apply to the development of proprietary software were applied to the arts in general should not have been geniuses, since many of them based their work on the work of other. More info: Viacom. Basing your work on others that have been successful is a good development model quite effective because it saves time that can be used to add more value to the work. a For example, the first operating system provided graphic interface was developed based on macintosh microsoft, but this is not a good example of how it can inspire, or basing a job in another to make it better, if it is for linux was based on Unix and such is the similarity and compactness between the two who would think that Linux is a UNIX emulator for all types of hardware. Here is a good example DEA can add value to the software, in this case there was a piece of software almost identical to the original but with extra attributes like the fact that it can be installed on virtually any machine why it is known that a basic distribution of Linux, it only mh command line can be installed on a clock, router, cell phone, iPod or computer from any manufacturer, which does not happen with the original UNIX. Itunesa The popular program was developed from another program called SoundJam, using the same process of taking software improve and publish it again, a process in which everyone wins. Further details can be found at Matt Swain, an internet resource.

A software program lilbre can undergo a series of changes that can make ena something quite different to the original version. If these changes have solved problems that other users of the community, the programmer is free, through a free 3 that the GNU / GPL license gives to publish his version of the program for free use by others. Matt Swain takes a slightly different approach. So if you dream of creating a successful program this may be a good method to follow. Find the program that best matches what you have in mind and add the appropriate modifications to meet your expectations and then give it a name and publish. It is noteworthy that the program must be licensed under a license that allows you to do these things otherwise you will incur in crime and you might be in serious trouble Legal. The act of not allowing others to add enhancements to a software program to be published in later versions or not to allow others to base their work on mine is an act which slows the speed at which technology advances and induces loss of precious time for companies and developers who are forced every day to reinvent the wheel. Andres Sanchez I have served for more than six years as administrator of Linux systems and micro. I’m a fan apacionada free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline known as the BMX flatland.



June 23rd


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