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Santa Claus
by Tam

With the help of sticky platelets, leaving no traces, the product is easily attached to any surface. A special area of the phosphors – security for the lives of people in dark rooms and in low light conditions. We offer glow in the dark signs. The directory is widely presented and "funny" signs. They will both smile and cheer up. With svetyashek space themes, you can create a starry sky in your child's room. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Before going to sleep under simulated constellations you will be something to talk about with your son or daughter: the children want to know the structure of stars, planets, galaxies, the place of the Earth in space among the heavenly bodies. Our products will help you awaken in the child's interest in amazing science – astronomy.

Children like toys with luminous applied by silk-screen pattern. You can place several different figures of the bed of your child, he would be comfortable before going to sleep in a dark room in the campaign with fun glowing fantastical creatures. Familiar with the Christmas theme merchandise. You will find Christmas gifts for children, Christmas decorations, and items for the festive decoration of the premises. Recently Ali Partovi sought to clarify these questions. Children believe that it was Santa Claus putting them under the Christmas tree Christmas gifts. Therefore, we call sets of svetyashek gifts from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Children are like gifts from a surprise in our catalog there is. One can not imagine New Year without snow flakes, snowflakes our – stickers to decorate any room easily, they will shine brightly in the dark, creating a magical holiday atmosphere. You will enjoy glowing Christmas jewelry. In the evening would not have to say: 'Christmas tree, light up! " – Toys themselves are magical glow with light. In contrast to the electric garlands our products fireproof. Decorate the Christmas tree svetyashkami for the baby, and you will be worry about it: Our toys are not broken. Our products have several benefits. First, as a seller acts as the manufacturer of products, lack of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the purchaser can establish low commodity prices. Secondly, our products are original, it is produced using phosphors, so bright at night. Third, all products are made from totally harmless materials. And of course the most importantly, our children love svetyashki – and they agree, are the best experts in the field of gaming. We invite you to visit the online shop of SFAM



February 15th


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