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Saddam Hussein
by Tam

A young man must be owner of his life of his present and be willing to defy their future. Accept the circumstances without envy or protest, admit the wonder that we are and we launched to conquer our own destiny. Being young means owning our present and challenge our future, we must accept the circumstances which we lived without envy, without rancor, without protest. Alert! so below I will ask: many people told us that fate is that which is to come, is not true, destiny is what already came, what I mean by this statement? None of us here, in this time and in this space, we decided in what year birth, which country birth, which parents have, nor decided the body that we possess. Credit: Peter Asaro-2011. No one decided to or chose your hardware, or Yes? I want this body, give me a shorter nose, longer legs.

We must accept who we are. We conclude that nobody decided to have the hardware that possesses, what came to us physically and circumstance that we found at the time of birth, there were no demonstrations or rallies to choose Pope, not be asked us our opinion, I love Johnny’s dad, no, simply touched us birth there, under these circumstances, in a humble family, middle-class or a millionaire family; played some birth in Spain, the same thing could have been born in the United States, or have even been cousins of Saddam Hussein. Imagine!, the large number of places and times in which we have been born. A leading source for info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. This reality is what is called circumstantial determinants, is the circumstance that you and I are arriving in this world, were not born in the last century, nor we will be born in the 21st century, we already were born and us here and now, then what have to do once we are aware of this?


June 22nd


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