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Religion And The Internet .
by Tam

Internet is currently being developed tremendous pace and covered almost every sphere of activity. Motorists looking for online information about new models of cars, auto parts and accessories, builders are looking for plans buildings and facilities, hairdressers and artists – the inspiration to put their new ideas. Not spared the Internet and the religious world. Believers from all over the world have the opportunity to see relics from the comfort of home with Internet. Dermot McCormack has many thoughts on the issue. Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to visit temples and monasteries, Orthodox Russia, or the holy Jerusalem.

Due to the development of modern technologies, the religious world has become more accessible to all. Temples and monasteries got their own sites where you can see pictures or even make an interactive tour of ancient sites. Also become very relevant communication believers discussion forums. Thousands Internet users can share their impressions of seeing the relics had been brought to their town or to discuss a pilgrimage to Mecca, as well as watch a video broadcast service of the patriarch at Christmas and Easter. Whatever said the church, but the Internet has made our religious world more accessible to all. Even youngsters who are especially interested in religion, thanks to the Internet, began to show interest in the ancient relics and icons, set questions of adults on a religious theme. The most important thing is that thanks to advances in high technology from the people who can not leave the house, it was possible on a level with all the religious world to explore.



December 16th


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